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It is possible that your product or service may not fit the parameters of direct responses or infomercials regardless of how well you manage your program.

Ron Popiel told me that a bad commercial can sell a good product.  But a fantastic commercial can’t sell a product the consumer doesn’t want.

How do you know?  You don’t.  When you get down to the wire, it’s a horse race.

Do your homework:  ALL of it:  Then your decision will be meaningful.

I am frequently asked to portend the success or failure of an infomercial.  I should be so smart!  I can’t tell you whether an infomercial will be successful but I can generally spot a failure.  That’s because those that fail typically have several similar characteristics:

1.  Little or no homework.

2.  Decisions based on ego rather than on fact.

3.  They forgot to sell the product.

4.  Hire people & companies with no DR experience.

5.  Tried to sell a prevention product, one-step.

6.  Chinese math: “I need only to sell one Coca-Cola to each person in China at a penny profit to be a multi-millionaire.”

Under financed.

Note that neither the “quality” or “look” of the program is not mentioned nor the celebrity talent.  Some of the most successful infomercials have been done on a low budget.  I know of one 28-minute infomercial that was taped, edited and aired for $625 AND it was successful!!  I know ones costing seven figures that have died.