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TV, Inc., is a Florida corporation founded in 1987. Our clients are worldwide. With offices in the USA and Sweden, we are better able to serve our clients’ needs.

While we do much of our work in television direct response, the original name of the company was Thompson Ventures, Inc., founded in 1970.

We shortened the name to TV, Inc., as this was the name by which most of our clients knew us.

William Thompson, the company’s president, is the author of Inside Infomercials, the best selling book on the subject.

Kenneth Forsman is the Managing Director of our European office. He is based in Sweden.

Mr. Thompson has been seen on ABC’s 20/20, Sally Jessey Raphael, McLaughlin Report as well as hundreds of local TV and radio talk shows.

He lectures at colleges and universities yearly.

“The only thing more powerful than a dream is a dream that’s financed.”

- William Thompson

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