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The Lessons of Direct Responses
A Review of Television Marketing - The Infomercial Impact
Is An Infomercial Right For Your Product/Service?

The New Medium for the New Shopper

TV Reaches the Minority Market Better
The Psychography
Who Buys Through TV?
Television: Full Control of Your Marketing
Passive vs. Interactive Advertising
Retailing vs. Long Form Television Advertising
Which Products Work Best?
Who's Gonna Make It Work?
Formats & Styles
Television and Internet Direct Marketing
The Formula
How Long Should a TV Commercial Be?
Back-End Marketing Strategies
The Production of the Commercial
It's Magic
Celebrity Endorsement
Inventory Requirements
Response Vehicles
Order Capture

Buying Media

Tracking Your Sales


International Infomercials

That's A Lot of Work!

The Downside

The Rules

Product Liability Insurance


What Will They Think of Next?
The 10 Commandments


Production Outline & Budget Review
Typical Budget for a 2 Minute Commercial
Typical Budget for an Infomercial
Revenue Tracking Examples
The Future
Product Analysis Forms
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