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“Imitation is the least expensive form of flattery.”  William Thompson

Whenever a product does well on infomercials, sooner or later your competitor will try to duplicate your efforts.  This is why preplanning is so critically important.  One of the masters of preplanning is Ron Popiel.  When he sells a product on TV, he makes a serious commitment to its production, making it all but impossible to duplicate.


There are other tactics.  Knock yourself off, for example.  If you have a product that is doing well during testing, think about becoming your own competitor.  After all, better you than someone else.


The entertainment end of our industry has been doing it for years.  In the past a sitcom that worked was replicated at nauseam.  Today the producer duplicates himself with “spin-offs.”  To the best of my knowledge, very few infomercial-marketing firms have done this.

Creating a spin-off applies to every type of infomercial and every type of product.

Part of your planning should be directed toward competitive knock-offs of either or both your product and your style.