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In conclusion, look at television and Internet direct response, especially long form, with an open mind.  Not to do so is dangerously myopic.  History has taught us that we must both recognize and examine timely technological advances and marketing tools.  In just 60 years, television, as much if not more than any other 20th century invention, has changed the life of every person on the planet.  And, we’ve only just begun to understand and take advantage of its potential.  The Internet promises to be more dynamic.

The value in this report isn’t in having it, but in using it!  My critics and supporters know, as every experienced marketer, there are plenty of pitfalls out there which I have underrated or perhaps even overlooked – making TV & Internet DR work has more than its share of luck tied to it.  The dangers are not clearly marked.  I could not possibly give you a detailed road map of every problem you will encounter.  Things change too rapidly and the scene is much too complex.  But perhaps some of the dominant landmarks that were not familiar before will now be a little bit more recognizable.  Maybe seeing how others have steered their course will identify a clearer path or suggest ways you might try.  The perfect program, the one that maximizes every advantage, minimizes every shortcoming, and optimizes on every opportunity, is fantasy.  But if I have accomplished my objectives, then at least the open trenches and the dead-end roads should be more identifiable and avoidable.  More important, you may now see how best to use DR TV and especially the infomercial.