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“In 1991 the Great Soviet Bear died.  The US led the victory parade announcing the end of The Cold War.  Where are the heroes?  Upon whose chest shall we pin the medals honoring our champions of the field?  Look to our salesmen and saleswomen.  Each and every one of them.  We traveled endless miles, bivouacked in nameless hotels with our starched sheets and smelly pillows, ate our K-rations of airline meals, smiled even though we felt like bawling, and finally came home with the order.  Let’s face it.  We simply outsold the Soviet sons-of-bitches.”  ….William Thompson


Consider: You have a product, service or message.  You want people to act upon it; buy it, use it, find out more about it.  The most cost effective way to get into the market is direct response television.  For the cost of creating an infomercial, you can either open a neighborhood retail store nor send a direct response piece to 50,000,000 American homes.  And since nobody tells your story as well as you do, you are neither relying on lethargic, poorly trained retail counter clerks at huge stores who could care less about your business nor the huge store which requires terms only the rich can afford; you are in ultimate control of your company’s sales.