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Bringing a product or service to market in the USA is at best a very challenging effort. It is also a very expensive undertaking.

Statistics indicate one should be prepared to spend at least $8,500,000 to reach the entire USA marketplace.

This huge sum makes it impossible for most small and medium size companies to launch a national marketing campaign.

Direct response marketing allows companies to reach their respective USA market for a tiny fraction of this cost.

Historically, internationally based companies would need to enlist an exporter, find a USA importer, secure a distributor that would either use their in-house staff or commissioned sales representatives to sell the product to a retail outlet. In turn, the retail outlet would hopefully sell the product to the consumer.

Each of these middlemen’s businesses would reduce the exporting company’s profits to a level that would make the venture suitable only to large companies.

To make matters worse, too often these middlemen are rarely involved in aggressive sales & marketing. They tend to position their businesses as renters of warehouse and shelf space. They expect the manufacturer to underwrite all the costs and take all the risks.

Using Global PromiseTM, an exporter can develop a market and a demand for its products and services very inexpensively. Even inventory and production issues are able to be overcome.

With Global PromiseTM an exporter builds its business and customer base using Direct Response Marketing strategies.

An advertising / marketing program is created by TV Inc. Products are sold and markets developed as products are sold to paying customers. With the ease of international shipping alliances, products are shipped directly from the manufacturer’s overseas warehouses.

Since the customer pays immediately for the product via electronic cheque or credit card payment, there is no invoicing or billing delays.

Local service centers can be organized to manage warranty service needs.

As the market grows and a customer base is created, access to conventional distribution can be initiated much more reasonably. These middlemen are no longer taking on an unknown product from an unproven company.

To launch a product nationwide using Global PromiseTM’s strategies and techniques costs less than $200,000 in most cases. And since growth is underwritten by the profits from sales, no additional capital expense is required.

If your company has a product that needs to get on the shelves of stores, in the warehouses of businesses, or in the hands or consumers, Global Promise is unquestionably the most efficient and least expensive vehicle to reach that goal.


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