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Innovative Marketing Strategies
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These are the steps we employ in every marketing effort.

  1. 1.  Define the product’s Unique Selling Proposition. This USP is the emotion the product engenders in the buyer. With this task completed, you have a much better chance at success
  2. Define the profile of the person who will authorize the actual purchase. Often this person is not the actual buyer.
  3. Create a Marketing Model. A Marketing Model is a plan of action showing specific Objectives and those individual Tasks and subsequent Activities which will reach the Objectives. The Marketing Model should also contain a Schedule, Timing and a Budget.
  4. Develop a creative format that fits all of the above.
  5. Produce advertising vehicles that delivers the message to the buyer/purchaser.
  6. Disseminate this message using media with which the buyer feels comfortable.
  7. Build customer loyalty.
  8. Build a customer data base.


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