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Infomercial Productions by TV, Inc., & William M. Thompson
The following is a partial list of direct response TV and radio commercials (short & long form) as well as print and direct mail projects which William Thompson and TV, Inc., have created, written and/or produced.

Marketing Services
In addition to these programs, we create, produce, manage and implement B2B and B2C projects using television, radio, direct-mail, media buying, merchant account services, and the Internet (including creating and building web-sites).

TV Insiders (3 episodes)
Mountain High Bee Pollen
Nutritional Supplements — Health & Beauty

American Miracle (2 episodes)
Product #1: Cooking Stone
Product #2: How To Be An Inventor

Auri Car Polish, The Challengers
Auri Car Care Clinic

Safe & Sound
Safe & Sound Telephone — Home protection

Strike Back
Capstun Self defense – Pepper spray

Your Home, Your Money
Eagle's Nest Homes
$50,000 average house

One-On-One, with Gary Null
Gary Null's Nutritional Products

Ask The Experts
Pro Super Driver — Home & Garden Tool Kit

What is Scientology?
What is Scientology — Religious
$5,500,000 to date

Kitchen Magic
4 Products:
1) T-Fal Cook ware
2) Bohrner Slicer
3) Garnishing knife & book
4) Ginzu knife

Divorce, with Roxanne Pulitzer
How to Protect Yourself in a Divorce$149

The International Society of Poets, with Florence Henderson
The International Society of Poets

Playmakers Travel, with Bernie Koppell
Playmakers Travel Club
$99 lead generation

Make Life Happen!, with Dr. Gilda Carle
Make Life Happen!
Self-help & Motivational

The Power Body Stick
Power Pulleze
A lead generation program

Nautilus: Own The Power

Nautilus Personal Circuit Machine
A lead generation program

Level Best Golf

Level Best Golf System

On The Air
Neways Breast Firming Cream & Stretch Mark Cream
$74.85 (an MLM company)
A lead generation program

The Fat Loss Coach
DeGeorge Sports, Inc.

The Original Laundry Clean Ring
Jendan, Inc.

Infomercial Management, LLC
15 Infomercials for World Search
$30 to $249

Infomercial Distribution, Inc.

The SimCylce Exercise Device
Eloton, Inc.

Partial list of short form commercials:
Understanding the Internet
Purchasing a Used Car/Avoid The Big Rip-Off!
Miles Homes
Lumina Bicycle Helmet
Super-Twinner Vacuum Cleaner Nozzle
Mikro-Kleen Cleaning System
Ameri-Life Insurance
Consumer Action Service Headquarters (8 spots)
Preventry Home Alarm Systems
PowerStik Exercise Device
Medalist Golf Club
Jeanette Coburn Cosmetics
Auri Car Polish
Ginzu Knives
Keystone Camera
Yashica Camera
Sundance Photofinishers
Bose Electronics

Partial list of print advertising projects:
Miles Homes
M&M Mars
Bose Wave Radio
National Fair Credit Service
Consumer Action Service Headquarters
Level Best Golf
Preventry Home Alarm Systems
Interaxx Television Network
The Fat Loss Coach
Gift Certificates of America
God and The Oval Office (Book by Dr. John McCollister)
EvansPro Group

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