TV inc


These are some off-the-wall commercials and ideas we’ve either heard about or have seen:

A 900 number commercial aired during Saturday morning cartoons told the children to hold the telephone near the speaker of the TV.  Then the commercial broadcasts the audible tones of a 900 number being dialed which, in fact, connected the child to a 900 number allowing them to talk or listen to their favorite cartoon character.

The inflatable toilet seat.  One uses this device in lieu of having to touch the seat at a public toilet.  It comes with a can of Lysol.

The Space-Age Diet.  According to the inventor, this diet program was developed by space aliens that visit her every Thursday between 1:00PM and 4:30PM (no later because she must get dinner ready.)  I told her to bring the space aliens to us, let us put them on film, and we’d be able to sell her diet program.  She said they were too shy.  I told her I was too shy as well.

The Palestinian Freedom Stone.  A displaced Palestinian felt sure that anti-Semitism in America was so string that we could sell commemorative rocks similar to those thrown at Israelis by Palestinians for $19.95 a crack.  We declined.

Stock Rental.  This company wanted to rent their stocks of GM, IBM, GE, etc. to companies whose asset-to-debt ratio was too low.  He scheme meant he would assign the stocks to them for say, one year for a fee.  I suggested he read the life and times of Billy Sol Estes.

The Party Bib.  Use this device if you’re concerned that the person next to you at a party might throw-up on you.  Only $29.95 plus S&H.

Winking Jesus.  Jesus on a brass crucifix winks at you as you walk by.  I laughed so hard I cried.  The client said harsh words to me and stormed out of my office.  It became a top seller in religious stores throughout the world.  Go figure.